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Lemolo (Chinook Indian for 'wild' or 'untamed') Lake is located in the Cascades of Douglas County just 10 from Diamond Lake and 30 miles North of Crater Lake.  Prior to the 1880's when white settlers began to move into the area and use the land for grazing sheep, the area was used by Native Americans as their home.  During this time the area around Diamond Lake began to develop and grow while the Lemolo Lake area remained mainly untouched except  for the installation of North Umpqua Road in 1939.  The time period between 1939 and 1965 saw the most growth for the Lemolo Lake area.  During this time, there were the installation of phone lines, the upgrade of the North Umpqua Road to Hwy 138 in 1964 and the construction of two dams on the lake between 1952 and 1956.  Although there was periodic timber harvesting from the 1950's through the early 1990's, there has been little to no activity in this area, which has made it a popular spot for many campers and fisherman over the years.  Because of its seemingly untouched (by today's standards) wilderness and beauty, Lemolo lake has remained a quiet and secluded area to really enjoy nature and the peace that comes with being outdoors. 

Unlike Diamond Lake, Lemolo Lake is controlled by the Forest Service and has remained  quite isolated and un developed.  A small  area near the lake has been used to build quaint little cabins, a store and restaurant.  The cabins were built between 1963 and 1984 and are a perfect getaway spot for those looking for peace and relaxation. 

Lemolo Lake provides year round recreation including camping, snow-shoeing, hiking, snowmobiling, water skiing, swimming, boating and fishing.  Although it offers year round recreation opportunities, especially with warm cabins to stay in, fishing in Lemolo Lake is best in the spring and summer months when the snow has melted and the lake has easier access. 

Fishing in Lemolo Lake consists of German brown trout, rainbow trout and kokanee.  The smaller of these, the kokanee are best caught with flashers and wedding ring lures.  They are fished near what is called  the Bunker Hill area of the lake and run in schools. 

Rainbow trout are usually found near the resort area of the lake and can be fished with a simple night crawler or power bait.  They are usually the easiest to catch and are great for kids since they don't have long waits in between bites and catching fish. 

Most trout fisherman travel to Lemolo Lake for the German Brown trout.  They are usually the largest of the trout in this lake and can be caught on flies and lures depending on whether you are trolling or bank fishing.  They typically are found in the stump beds near the shallower areas of the lake. 

Lemolo lake

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