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About Us

Meet Travis & Shelly Marsh...


Travis & Shelly currently reside in Roseburg, OR in the heart of the beautiful Umpqua Valley.  They have the privilege of not only living in an area where they are literally one to two hours away from everything from ocean beaches to the high desert but are lucky enough to live in a truly beautiful state.  

Travis & Shelly have been blessed with a blended family of three great kids, two boys and one girl, all the same age.  Shelly has twins, a boy and girl named Joey & Maggie and Travis has a son named James.  All three children currently attend Umpqua Community College in Roseburg.

Travis grew up in Washington State and moved to Southern Oregon in 1991. He spent several years in the Medford & Grants Pass areas before moving to Roseburg in 2001.  Shelly, as well as her children, have spent their entire lives in the Umpqua Valley.  For them, this has, and always will be, home. 


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