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Welcome to Southern Oregon Anglers

Our Vision.

Just a few short years ago we began Southern Oregon Anglers with the thought of making an easy to use, informational website highlighting fishing and outdoor activities in southern Oregon.  We wanted to create a place for people to find a variety of information without having to look in multiple places to do so.

Our Solution.

We began with a small five page website to provide this information.  Over the years we have added new information and changed information provided.  We have talked to several people and we have listened and taken their suggestions and comments to heart..  We have grown exponentially in the past few years and are amazed at the local and regional support from our friends and neighbors.  We would not be here without them.

Our Services.

We supply information on Southern Oregon for fishing and outdoor activities, including fishing reports and tips.  As you look through our site, you will see that we also tell a little history about this beautiful state we live in and the activities available in the area.  Hopefully you find this information useful and enjoy beautiful Southern Oregon as much as we do!

Southern Oregon Anglers

Travis & Shelly Marsh

Roseburg, OR  97470

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